An Artist Walks In

When an artist walks into a room, the energy changes. In An Artist Walks In Series, I set out to recreate the feeling of walking into a crowded room and completely immersing myself into conversations between shape and color.  I am there to observe the interactions, documenting how shape and color carefully play off of each other’s energy and the effect this has on adjacent shapes and colors.

A good conversation, one in which you are completely immersed to the point of time not existing, can have a profound affect.  These conversations, even when many times removed, still carry subtle and beautiful remnants of their history.  The depth of which, to a degree, alters one’s DNA, affecting all future conversations. 


When I paint I use three main colors (Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, and Cobalt Blue,) two lesser-used secondary colors (Alizarine Crimson and Phthalo Blue,) and Titanium White.  I don’t introduce new tubes of color to the conversation, but instead rely on the group at hand to cary and grow the conversation.  I am a consummate blender, experimenting with combinations that are far stronger than preset pigments squeezed from a tube.  And by using a limited number of pigments, I’ve ensured a common bond, a bloodline that binds all of the variations seen in each piece.