Too Much and Not Enough

Circling the intricacies of childhood in the 1970’s


 I use object repetition, often alluding to the rocky navigation of childhood. In numbers the objects become textural, almost overwhelming, to draw the viewer into the rawness of emotion. Part nostalgia, part painful reminder, I want the viewer to feel like they can almost touch the memory

“Too Much and Not Enough” encompasses sculptures created of vintage items in multiples as a representation of childhood in the 1970’s. Ultimately, my sculptures are not just assemblages of objects, but relics transformed into poignant commentaries on my experiences… as beautifully painful as these were at times.  Through texture, form, and the inherent narratives embedded within each object, I ask the viewer to engage with the memory on a personal level.  It is my goal to evoke a spectrum of emotion as complex and multifaceted as childhood itself.  My sculptural work is an attempted testament to the enduring power of objects and their ability to hold stories that connect us to the past and to each other.  In a world increasingly dominated by the digital and the ephemeral, my sculptures offer a tactile reminder of the tangible and the deeply human navigation that is childhood.

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