Creativity & Art

There are mysteries in the universe I am happy to accept without question… I’m not sure how landline telephones work, nor do I fully grasp monarch butterfly migration, or how the moon effects tides. I know science can fully explain these mysteries, but I am content to let them be magical. Hand me something a little more personal, however, and I’ll dissect it into intangible smithereens.

I have always been fascinated by the divine process of creativity. Not to be confused with divine creationism… if you were to ask me what came first, the chicken or the egg, I would have to reply, “The dinosaur.” But certainly, in its purest form, creativity is divine. And if you make it your mission to find its source, the most you will come away with is that it comes from ‘someplace else.’

Creativity is not reserved for the artist. Creativity isn’t always artistic, and art isn’t always creative. If you’ve ever seen commercials for Starving Artist sales at the local Holiday Inn, you know what I mean by the latter. Anyone who is deeply immersed in their task at hand might experience some level of disconnect; this comes from fully living in that creative moment. Whether you’re rebuilding an engine, tending a garden, writing a song, or painting the Mona Lisa… your conscious Elvis has left the building. Welcome to creativity.  

I cannot tell you what that ‘someplace else’ is, exactly. It could be a universal frequency whose constant hum resonates more or less intensely within each of us. Or it might possibly be a way to stay connected to the ultimate creator… allowing us to experience that joy on a very human level. This makes sense to me as there are times when I step away from my finished art, or from my writing, and feel like I cannot take complete credit for it. It comes from ‘someplace else.’ A similar feeling I had when holding my children for the first time. How divine.